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50+ templates, example essays, sample resumes, and more
100+ pages of application strategy content and curriculum
20+ videos covering key parts of the application
$500+ in 1:1 coaching discounts from top deferred MBA coaches
Access to a bank of Deferred MBA Interview Questions
10% off any Leland group class
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Leland+ for Deferred MBA Outline

Here's a little taste of everything you'll get access to in Leland+ for MBA

Deferred MBA overview / introduction

Resources in this section:

Getting Started with Deferred MBA Applications (Video)
Why Apply to Deferred MBA Programs? (Video)
DMBA Workbook (Interactive material)

Application strategy

Resources in this section:

Application Strategy (Video)
Application & Timeline (Video)
Top 10 Deferred MBA Programs and Deadlines (Video)
Application Strategy Template (PDF)
Overview of Top Deferred MBA Programs
Choosing the Right Program
What Parts of the MBA Application Are the Most Important?
Recommended Application Timeline (Interactive material)
MBA Applicant Branding & Self-Reflection Worksheet (PDF)
MBA Reflection Questions (PDF)
Applying To Stanford GSB as an International Student (Video)

Who are DMBA programs looking for?

Resources in this section:

Who are Deferred MBA Programs Looking For? (Video)
School-Specific Advice
How Does My Undergrad Institution Affect My Chances? (Video)


Resources in this section:

GMAT vs. GRE (Video)
The GMAT and GRE: A Comprehensive Overview
GMAT: Tips for Success
GRE: Tips for Success
How Are the GMAT and GRE Scored?
What GMAT/GRE Score Do You Need to Get Into Business School?
How GPA Factors In (Video)
What GPA Do You Need to Get Into Business School?
Average GPAs and Top Undergrad Fields of Top Business Schools

MBA Resume

Resources in this section:

Deferred MBA Resume (Video)
Full-Time Work Experience (Video)
MBA Resume Template (PDF)
MBA Resume: Structure
MBA Resume: Work Experience
MBA Resume: Community Service & Leadership
MBA Resume: Skills/Interests + Other Possible Sections
MBA Resume: 3 Tips for Success
DMBA Workbook (PDF)
Best-In-Class MBA Resume Template (PDF)

Example admit resumes

Resources in this section:

Kellogg/Sloan/Yale Deferred Admit | Consulting
Booth: Energy | Business Operations
Kellogg: Product Management | Entrepreneurship | Business Operations
HBS & GSB: Venture Capital | Entrepreneurship | Strategy
HBS: Consulting | Business Operation
HSB: Finance | Investment Banking
M7: Investment | Venture Capital | Business Operations
M7: Government | Sales | Finance
M7: Consulting | Government | Business Development
Wharton: Consulting | Energy
Columbia & Stern: Finance | Investment Banking
Haas: Finance (Emily L.)


Resources in this section:

How to check if a recommender would do a good job before asking them (Video)
Selecting, Preparing and Supporting Recommenders (Video)
Recommender Prep Doc: M7
How to Pick Your Recommenders
What does a Strong Recommendation Look Like?
How to Prepare and Guide Your Recommenders
FAQ: What if I Have to Write My Own Recommendation?
MBA Recommender Briefing Packet (Downloadable)
Recommendation Packet Template (Downloadable)
Letters of Rec Workbook
Example admit recommendations (6)


Resources in this section:

Types of Essays
Nailing Your Deferred MBA Essay
2023-2024 Essay Prompts for the Top 10 MBA Programs
What Are You Trying to Accomplish with Your MBA Application Essays?
Creating Your Essay Outline
MBA Essays: Tips & Tricks
How to Collect Feedback and Polish Your Essays
Common Essay Pitfalls: What To Avoid
Stanford "What Matters Most" Reflection Questions and Tips
Essay Topic Worksheet (HBS)
Example admit essays (40)

Activities & interests

Resources in this section:

Activities & Interests Overview (Video)
How to Pick the Activities & Interests to Include
Example: Employment, Activities, Awards (PDF)
Example: HBS | Employment, Activities, Awards (PDF)

Awards & honors

Resources in this section:

Awards & Honors Overview (Video)
Awards & Honors: What to Include

Networking & supplementary letters

Resources in this section:

Networking, Side Letters, and Intangibles (Video)
Supplementary Letters


Resources in this section:

General Interview Tips (Video)
Intro to MBA Application Interviews + Interview Odds
School-Specific Interview Guides
Stanford GSB Interviews
Harvard Business School Interviews
HBS Interview Guide
HBS Post-Interview Reflection Examples
Pennsylvania Wharton Interviews
Northwestern Kellogg Interviews
MIT Sloan Interviews
MIT Sloan Pre-Interview Data Vis. (PDF)
MIT Sloan Pre-Interview Short Questions (PDF)
Chicago Booth Interviews
Columbia Business School Interviews
Yale SOM Interviews
Wharton TBD Strategy and Tips (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the content remain the same each month?
Leland+ content is sourced from hundreds of coaches that are constantly adding new videos, examples, and templates. We also love when subscribers share feedback on specific topics or resources they are interested in so that we can source the most up-to-date and relevant content. If there are specific resources that you’d like to request, please reach out!
What can I use the $500/month in coaching discounts on?
Many of our best MBA coaches offer exclusive discounts and perks to Leland+ subscribers. We source new discounts from coaches every few weeks and post them to your Leland+ hub.
How is the content on Leland+ organized?
We've put together the most comprehensive library of MBA content on the internet. It's organized by topic: Application Strategy, GMAT/GRE, GPA, Resume, Recommendations, Essays, Activities & Interests, Awards & Honors, Interview Prep, School-Specific Resources, Networking & Supplementary Letters, and more.
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After subscribing, you will be taken to your Leland+ Hub with links to premium content and coaching discounts. You can also find a link to your Leland+ Hub when you log into Leland.
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