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Jeremy was my primary support during my Bain interview process and was instrumental in my receiving an offer. Out case preparation enabled me to identify opportunities to improve my interview style. Jeremy also provided great advice on how to improve my case math skills and frame my quantitative analysis.
Consulting Offer at Bain & Company
Coaching from Emily unlocked new insights and tips that I'd never heard before... She was extremely familiar with McKinsey's interview process, but I'm sure she would be helpful for interviews for other firms as well. Emily is a great listener, and will 100% meet you where you're at to help you achieve your goals.
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Leland+ for Management Consulting Outline

Here's a little taste of everything you'll get access to in Leland+ for MBA

Landing Top Consulting Interviews

Some of the Resources in this section:

Typical Consulting Career Progression
Consulting Recruiting Playbook
Tips for Your Consulting Resume (Video)
How to Networking Into a Consulting Interview (Video)
Consulting Networking 101 Presentation
Consulting Netwoking Spreadsheet
Consulting Networking Cold Outreach Template
How to Case and What to Expect (Video)
McKinsey Interview Process (Video)
Bain & Co Interview Process (Video)
BCG Interview Process (Video)
10+ Example Resumes and Cover Letters from Consultants at Bain, McKinsey, BCG, and more top firms

Behavioral Interview Strategies

Some of the Resources in this section:

How to Answer the "Tell Me About Yourself" Question
How to Answer the "Tell Me About a Time When" Questions
Why Consulting, Why Firm, Why Location
McKinsey PEI Guide & Behavioral Answers
Bain Behavioral Answers

Consulting Frameworks

Some of the Resources in this section:

Consulting Frameworks Cheatsheet (PDF)
Profitability Framework — Understanding Revenue & Cost
New Product Development Framework (Video)
New Product Development Framework: Example & Walkthrough
New Market Entry Framework
New Market Entry Framework: Example & Walkthrough

Mock Case Interviews (Partner Round)

Some of the Resources in this section:

Non-Profit Fintech - Intro, Case, & Feedback
Gas Station - Intro, Case, & Feedback
Olympics - Intro, Case, & Feedback
Truck - Intro, Case, & Feedback

Intro to Consulting Interviews

Some of the Resources in this section:

Case Interview Walkthrough: Setup & Approach
First-Round vs. Partner-Round Interviews (Video)
Overview of Types of Case Interviews (Video)
McKinsey Case Interview Guide
McKinsey Evaluation Criteria
Bain Case Interview Guide
Bain Evaluation Criteria
BCG Case Interview Guide
BCG Evaluation Criteria
EY-Parthenon: Interview and Recruiting Process (Video)
Deloitte: Interview and Recruiting Process (Video)
L.E.K.: Interview and Recruiting Process (Video)
Accenture: Interview and Recruiting Process (Video)
Oliver Wyman: Interview and Recruiting Process (Video)
ZS Consulting: Interview and Recruiting Process (Video)

Case Interview Tactics and Strategies

Some of the Resources in this section:

The Ultimate Case Interview Playbook (PDF)
Case Interview Organizer Example (PDF)
Case Math — Percentages (Video)
Case Math — Multiplication Examples (Video)
Case Math — Estimation Tricks (Video)
Case Math — Division Tricks (Video)
5 Qualitative Concept Videos

Mock Case Interviews (First Round)

Some of the Resources in this section:

Frozen Yogurt - Intro, Case, & Feedback
Strawberry Jam - Intro, Case, & Feedback
Contact Lenses - Intro, Case, & Feedback
Education - Intro, Case, & Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the content remain the same each month?
Leland+ content is sourced from hundreds of coaches that are constantly adding new videos, examples, and templates. We also love when subscribers share feedback on specific topics or resources they are interested in so that we can source the most up-to-date and relevant content. If there are specific resources that you’d like to request, please reach out!
What can I use the $500/month in coaching discounts on?
Many of our best consulting coaches offer exclusive discounts and perks to Leland+ subscribers. We source new discounts from coaches every few weeks and post them to your Leland+ hub.
How is the content on Leland+ organized?
We're working hard to put together the most comprehensive library of management consulting content on the internet. It's organized by topic: Industry Overview, Networking, Resume, Cover Letters, Consulting Interviews, Behavioral Interview Strategies, Quantitative Case Factors, Qualitative Case Factors, First-Round Mock Case Interviews, Partner-Round Case Interviews, and more.
How do I access my Leland+ account?
After subscribing, you will be taken to your Leland+ Hub with links to premium content and coaching discounts. You can also find a link to your Leland+ Hub when you log into Leland.
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