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Sami K.
Sep 2023

"Whether it was seeking guidance or brainstorming potential business ventures, Jorge always brought forth a depth of knowledge, derived from his diverse experience across industries."

Landed a role at Google
Coached by Jorge Luis R.
May 2023

“Truly has your best interests in mind. I got into GSB with a non-traditional background and it would not have been possible without Ben.”

Accepted to Stanford GSB
Coached by Ben L.
Ananya P.
Nov 2023

"Daniel was instrumental in helping me navigate the consulting recruitment in my junior year of college. His coaching was pivotal in helping me land my first internship at McKinsey & Company."

Landed a role at McKinsey & Company
Coached by Daniel F.
Oct 2023

"Shaw has been incredibly helpful in his insights on the product management role and interview process. He is extremely knowledgeable about how to navigate the various types of product interviews and steps involved."

Landed a role at Salesforce
Coached by Shashank V.
Peter D.
Jun 2023

“Jeremy was my primary support during my Bain interview process and was instrumental in my receiving an offer.”

Landed a role at Bain & Company
Coached by Jeremy S.
Nov 2023

"Mackenzie was absolutely amazing in helping me get into dental school. Her guidance, support, and expertise made all the difference in my application journey. I highly recommend her to anyone with similar goals."

Accepted to UPenn School of Dental Medicine
Coached by Mackenzie S.
Zakaria B.
Dec 2023

"I was worried that I may not find the appropriate tutor to teach me. However, ZeeShawn quickly calmed my fears. I started out at 1280 but with just 10 weeks of dedicated tutoring, I was able to jump up to a 1540."

Scored 1540 on the SAT
Coached by Zeeshawn W.
Mike S.
Nov 2023

"Asha was a great coach and helped me think through my private equity recruiting from scratch. She explained the finance fundamentals super clearly and made me feel very confident about my upcoming PE recruiting!"

Landed a role at Bain Capital
Coached by Asha T.
Oct 2023

"Mike gave actionable feedback and advice - would definitely recommend. We did general product sense interviews, mock behavorials, and specific mocks for the company. Would 1000% recommend!"

Landed a role at Datadog
Coached by Mike M.
Isaac K.
Oct 2023

“I was lucky enough to work with Andrew when I was earlier on in my sales career. He took a custom approach to helping reach my goals [...] and made me feel like I had a friend in my corner."

Landed a role at Zendesk
Coached by Andrew S.
March 2023

“Sometimes you need help from someone who’s been through Summer Analyst to Post-Time in IB.”

Landed a role at Citi
Coached by Darrell H.
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